Why It's Still Worth Hiring Someone to Do Your Taxes

Posted on: 20 February 2020

These days, more and more people are using software and online services to prepare their taxes. Often, this works out just fine and is an affordable way to get your taxes done. However, there are still some very real benefits associated with hiring a tax prep service in person. Here's a look.

1. Your information won't be transmitted electronically.

These days, you never can be too careful about sharing your personal information online. And sometimes even when you think you're safe, a hacker or criminal could be collecting your information secretly. Filing your taxes involves sending your most private and valuable personal info, from your social security number to your address. This is not information that you want to be intercepted, so it may be best to hire an off-line tax prep company to do things the old fashioned way.

2. You don't have to worry about an audit.

Some software and online tax prep services advertise that they offer support and services to help if you are ever audited. But reaching these services can be tough since you're dealing with a remote company. By hiring a company in-person, you know exactly who to contact in case of an audit. They can meet with you so they can better support you if the IRS does decide to audit your taxes.

3. Everything will be done "by the book."

With software and online prep services, there is some guesswork involved, particularly if you are not an accountant or someone with a lot of financial knowledge. You might enter something improperly or misinterpret a certain statute. When you hire someone in-person, they do all the work for you. They typically have an in-depth financial education, so they are more likely to do things properly the first time around, reducing your risk of an audit, accidental over-payment, and the like. 

4. You may find more ways to save.

Software and online tax prep programs do attempt to save you money, but since they are made for the general population, they may not offer the best money-saving options for your unique situation. When you sit down with a financial professional in person, they can take more time to get to know your tax situation and recommend credits and deductions that could save you more.

Hiring someone in-person continues to be one of the best options for filing your taxes. Find a local tax service near you to start the process.